Friday, January 13, 2017

To Live or Perish

To Live or Perish

2016-01-13 Today’s Reading: Genesis 31-33, Luke 13

Title: “To Live or Perish”
Topic: Repentance

SCRIPTURE: Luke 13:3 & 5

Jesus said… “…unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

In Luke 13 Jesus repeats this phrase twice (verses 3 & 5). The message is clear, repentance is undeniably necessary for salvation— “Unless you repent you will… perish.”
What are the theological ramifications of this doctrine? Does this negate the doctrine of salvation by grace? In no way! Salvation is only available to me by God’s love and grace—I don’t deserve it and I can’t earn it. But neither can I consider it my rightful entitlement just because it is free, without any acknowledgment or intention on my part to change—to turn away from sin—to turn toward God—to repent.

To say, “I believe in Jesus; I believe He died on the cross for my sins, but I have no intention what-so-ever of following Him or changing the way I live in any way,” is not to be saved, but rather to seal one’s doom. Jesus says that if you are not willing to repent, you will perish. A sobering theological truth to be reflectively balanced with the gospel of grace.

Lord, help me to teach the theological truths of Your Word always in proper balance.
For the sake of Christ and in His name— Amen. -AP

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