Sunday, January 15, 2017

Assuring My Defense

Today’s Bible Reading:  Genesis 37-38, Psalm 7, Luke 15
Topic: Integrity

SCRIPTURE:  Psalm 7 (particularly verses 8 & 10)

8 …Judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to my integrity within me.
10 My defense is of God, Who saves the upright in heart.


Psalm 7 is a Psalm of David.  In verses 3-5 David says to the Lord, “IF there is iniquity in my hands, IF I have repaid evil to him who was at peace with me, or have plundered without cause, let my enemies defeat and kill me” (paraphrased).  It was because David knew his heart was “upright” (v. 10) that he could say this.  David knew that if the Lord judged him according to his “righteousness” and “integrity” (v. 8), he would be saved.


When I live my life with complete honesty and integrity, when I am faultless before the Lord, I can expect His protection and provision.  And if there is ought in my life, it behooves me to repent immediately that I not come out from under the Lord’s protection.


May I ever live my life so as to know the Lord’s defense is mine. 

Through Christ.  Amen.  -AP

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