Friday, January 6, 2017

To Be Like Jesus

(reposted from 2009)

2016-01-06 Today’s Reading: Genesis 15-17, Luke 6

Title: “To Be Like Jesus”
Topic: Discipleship

SCRIPTURE: Luke 6:40

40 A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained (trained well) will be like his teacher. (parentheses mine)

This is the goal—to be like Jesus. I have three observations in regard to this verse:

First, Jesus is my Master—my Teacher. I am most certainly not above my teacher and I want to be His disciple, I want to be “like” Him.

Secondly, who am I discipling? Am I giving those whom I teach “good” training? If those I teach become “like” me, will that be a good thing?

Finally, the first part of this verse warns against arrogance. No matter how well read or how well trained and educated one may be, they will never attain to a higher level than Jesus. To believe so is folly and place oneself in danger of a great fall (see verse 49).

To follow the pattern—the example—of Christ precisely is to be like Him; that is, to do what He does, to behave as he behaves, to say what he says, to respond as He responds. This is what I need to continually aspire to. Jesus taught and preached and did many good things. He touched many people. But one of the primary things He did was to make disciples. It behooves me to become a good disciple that I may become a good discipler. I must sit at my Master’s feet that I may become as much like Him as possible, that those who follow me and try to imitate me may become like Him too.

Lord, teach me and use me. Teach me Your ways so “perfectly” that I may respond to every situation with Your mind. Help me to be a good teacher/pastor. Send me those whom I may disciple—help me find and call disciples as You did. And then give me the strength, ability and wisdom to train them well, and release them to go and do likewise. Lord, I want to be a good and faithful servant. Help me, show me, guide me I pray. Amen. -AP

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