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The Blessings He Chooses

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20169-01-11 Today’s Reading: Genesis 47-48, Psalm 10, Luke 19

Title: “The Blessing He Chooses”
Topic: Humility

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 48:13-19

13 And Joseph took them both, Ephraim with his right hand toward Israel's left hand, and Manasseh with his left hand toward Israel's right hand, and brought them near him. 14 Then Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it on Ephraim's head, who was the younger, and his left hand on Manasseh's head, guiding his hands knowingly, for Manasseh was the firstborn. 15 And he blessed Joseph, and said:

"God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has fed me all my life long to this day, 16 the Angel who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads;
let my name be named upon them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac;
and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth."

17 Now when Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand on the head of Ephraim, it displeased him; so he took hold of his father's hand to remove it from Ephraim's head to Manasseh's head. 18 And Joseph said to his father, "Not so, my father, for this one is the firstborn; put your right hand on his head."

19 But his father refused and said, "I know, my son, I know. He also shall become a people, and he also shall be great; but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his descendants shall become a multitude of nations."
(Gen 48:13-19 NKJV)

Joseph placed his sons in the order he wanted them blessed. He came for a blessing with his own agenda. He had his own idea of what he wanted. Israel (Jacob) intentionally reversed the blessings. Why? It could have been because he was once the younger of two brothers and yet ended up receiving the greater blessing. It could have been that he prophetically knew which blessings were to be given to each son.

Whatever Jacob's reasons may have been for intentionally crossing his hands and reversing the blessings, the lesson to me is to never come before the Lord seeking His approval of my agenda. My only agenda must be to pursue His agenda. I must humbly seek to know His will and faithfully follow after it.

Lord, I seek Your blessing alone—the blessing You have determined to give me. Help me to ever know and walk in Your will.
Through Christ Jesus. Amen. -AP

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