Sunday, January 1, 2017


January 1 Reading: Genesis 1-2, Luke 1

Topic: Responsibility

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1:27-28

God said to the man and to the woman “...fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion... over every living thing...” (Gen 1:27-28)


This verse begs the question, "What does God mean by 'dominion'?" We often define dominion as dominance— to dominate, to conquer, to use for selfish purposes. But dominion can also mean to be responsible for— to take care of. Knowing the character and nature of God, I think I know which definition He means, don't you?

Note too, that God gave this command specifically to man AND woman. Dominion is not just a male thing, it is a balance of rulership and nurture.


Yes, God has given us (men and women) the earth to serve our needs, but that must always be done responsibly, unselfishly and in proper balance.


Lord, may I do my part in caring for Your creation responsibly. May I transmit the message of that responsibility to others whom I may influence. Amen. -AP

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