Monday, February 27, 2017

Give What I Have

Today’s Bible Reading:  Numbers 21-24, Mark 6-7
Topic: Obedience

SCRIPTURE:  Mark 6:34-44

Mark 6:37-38

37 But he (Jesus) answered (his disiples), "You give them something to eat… 38 "How many loaves do you have?" he asked. "Go and see."
 (Mark 6:37-38 NIV).


This passage (Mark 6:34-44) is Mark’s account of Jesus’ miracle of feeding 5,000 people with just five loaves and two fish. What is interesting to note, however, is that it was the disciples who provided the food—“You feed them,” Jesus said. “Go see what you have to give them.” The miracle is that Jesus can take whatever we have to offer and multiply it to meet the need. But that only happens if we are willing to give what we have. 


Does what Jesus is asking me to do seem too big—beyond my resources and abilities? Yet, if He is really commanding me to do it—“you feed them”—I need only find what I have—“go and see”—then give what I have, and trust that He will multiply it as needed to accomplish His command to me.


May I be willing and obedient, Oh Lord.  Amen.  -AP

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