Friday, February 17, 2017

Corrupt Politicians & Slick Lawyers

(Reposted from 8/22/10)
Today’s Bible Reading:  Numbers 1-2, Acts 24
Topic: Human Nature


A full reading of Acts 24 reveals the following cast of characters in a real life courtroom drama:

Ananias – High Priest (Corrupt Politician)
Felix – Governor/Judge (Corrupt Politician)
Tertullus – Orator (Slick Lawyer)
Lysias – Military Commander (Conscientious Soldier)
Paul – The Accused (Courageous Preacher)


In reading Acts 24, it strikes me that the character of people—of societies—has not changed much over the centuries.  In Paul’s day, as in ours, they had corrupt politicians and slick lawyers.  Aside from Paul, the noblest character in this chapter seems to be Lysias—a soldier trying to do his duty rightly.  Ananias was a hardened religious ruler who would not have his authority or his theology challenged.  Felix was in it for the money; he wanted Paul to pay him bribe money (v. 26).  Tertullus was a slick lawyer who would probably argue for whoever paid him the most.


The other thing that strikes me in reading Acts 24, is that every character mentioned is loved by God.  Even those who argue and resist the hardest against the Way need to be reached for Jesus.


Lord, may even those who resist You somehow be changed.

Through Christ.  Amen.  –AP

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